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Tune In Sunday 12th November 6pm

Best Cinematography - The Magical World of Miracles
Best Short Film - In the Shadow of Darkness
Best International Film - Out of My Comfort Zone
Best Phone Film - Filters
Best Special/Visual Effects - A Midsummer Nightmare
Best First Time Filmaker - George S. Evens - English Rose 
Best Documentary - Ministry of Surf 
Best Student Film - Wicked Dreams
Best Female Lead Film - Just a Girl
Best Male Actor - Tom Taplin
Best Sound Design - Merman
Best Score - The Magical World of Miracles
Best Female Actor - Kirsty Parsons
Best Hair and Makup - A Womans Life
Best TV Pilot - A Question of Service
Best LBGQT - Out Damned Spot
Best Sceenplay - Therapy
Best Editing - The Last Target
Best Shakespeare Themed Film - Inverse: Lovers & Madmen
Best Local Film - Bunny Jake is Missing
Best Music Video  - The Moon Followed me to Falmouth
Best Costume  - Out Damned Spot
Best Director - The Myth
Best Comedy - UFOlogists
Best Feature - Out of My Comfort Zone
Most Imaginative Film - Malus
Best Film In Festival - The Magical World of Miracles
Best Animation - The Daftown UFO Mystery
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